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Pumps & Spares


Air/Gas operated High Pressure Liquid Pumps, Hydrotesting Pumps and Systems, Chemical Injection Pumps and Skid, Air/Gas/Electric Operated Volume Controlled Pumps Positive Displacement vane-type and Gear Pumps Roto -Prime for Petroleum, Self-Priming centrifugals, Rotary-Gear, Submersible. Pumps / compressors for Sea water Intake and Sea water cooling System Hydrojetting Systems, Hydro-testing Pumps and Vacuum Pumps

Gas Boosters & Compressors


Air/ Gas Driven Boosters & Amplifiers for various industrial applications including Gas Transfers & Charging Units for Diving, Fire & Safety and Airlines Industry. Multi-stage Gas Boosting System Blowers and Screw Compressors

Flow Meters & Accessories


Positive Displacement Flow-meters with totalizer / batch ticket printer Turbine Coriollis Mass Flow Meters, Vortex Type Flow Meters Positive Displacement Oval Gear-low flow applications Flow meters Flow Controllers, Thermal Mass Flow sensors Advanced Measuring Technology for Gas, Liquid and Steam

Valves & Actuators


High Pressure Valves , Actuators and Accessories
Butterfly Valves Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Ball Valves
Control Valves, Solenoid Valves & Accessories

Pipe, Tubing, Hoses & Fittings


High Pressure Tubing & Fittings in Stainless Steel and other material, A.P.l. Couplers, Swivel Joints, Nozzles, Dry Disconnects Overhead Loading Arms, High Pressure Hoses for various applications, Rubber Expansion Joint and Rubber Hoses for Oil & Gas, Steel Pipes , Line Pipes & Tubing

Instrumentation & Measurement Control


High Pressure Tubing & Fittings, Sub Sea Valves, Injection Rate Control, Device for Petrochemical , Oil & Gas Application, Needle Valves and Accessories, Pressure gauges, transmitters, Transducers, Fingerprint Sensor Technology, Gas Detectors, Pressure/Depth/Temperature in deep water, NDT equipment

Industrial Shop Equipment & Accessories


CNC Lathe & Conventional Lathes , Vertical Mill and Sand Blasting Equipment, Coil Winding Equipment, Industrial Exhaust & Blowers, Lifting Equipment, Wire Rope, Shackles, Chains, Hoist And Webbing Slings, Hydraulic & Mechanical Jacks, Cylinders, Pumps, Manifolds, Presses , Nut splitters, Torque Wrenches and Power Pumps, Positioning Equipment, Pullers, Tools and Keyseaters, Air Spring, Air Stroke Actuators and Air mount isolators

Custom Designed / Eng. Systems


High volume 15K Hydrotest Unit
Twin Pump HI-Low Hydrotest Unit 2oK PSI
High Pressure Gas Transmission System for Oxygen
Hydrotest Unit 10K PSI Max Output


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