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AL-KHODARI & AL-RABIAH CO. (KRC) was established in the year 1989 in Saudi Arabia with an aim to provide quality materials, equipment and technical services to various industrial sectors. In a short period of time, KRC has established itself as a reliable supplier & service provider to oil and gas industry, water, power & energy sector and various other public & private sector organizations. 

KRC has carried out numerous supply & maintenance contracts all over Saudi Arabia for a number of years on its own or in association with reputable international companies whose resources & skills are readily available with us. 

Our management and staff are highly qualified & experienced professionals whose combined experience in Oil, Gas, petrochemical, water, power & energy sector and industrial sector provide KRC with the resources & capabilities to undertake challenging and specialized contracts within its line of activities. 

Our reputation is not only built on years of experience in this field, but also on the after sales services & support provided by us and our principals.